Sugartown Road an exciting and dynamic band that specialises in weddings, corporate events and all other types of celebrations.

Special Entertainment Packages of Band & DJ available.
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This fully live five piece band with their vast musical knowledge and experience combined with their passion to entertain guarantees a great party atmosphere for every occasion.

Sugartown Road consists of lead vocal, guitar/vocals, keyboard/vocals, bass/vocals and drums/vocals – all of which are very well accomplished and professional musicians.

Sugartown Road who deliver a high energy performance travel throughout Ireland. Their ability to create a party atmosphere is the cornerstone of their success. With a versatile, nonstop music set list, they entertain all age groups.

Sugartown Road has it all! They focus on providing quality entertainment by playing the right kind of music guaranteed to have your guests up dancing!

Sugartown Road are the band for your special occasion!